About Me

Hi, I am Jamie, an award-winning Wellbeing Coach and freelance, licensed, MHFA instructor providing training in Mental Health Awareness and Adult Mental Health First Aid. I am also an inspirational public speaker, who educates and raises awareness around mental ill-health.


Talking about my own experiences with Bi-Polar, I describe the devastating effect mental ill health can have on your life if left untreated and how this doesn't have to be the case, and you can thrive and recover despite a mental health diagnosis or poor mental health.

I help businesses develop strong mental health strategies in the workplace. I am a confident, skilled communicator and just as comfortable supporting individuals as I am with small and large businesses.

Through the evidence led, online and face to face training I provide, I teach how to recognise the signs of mental ill-health and how best to take action to support people who are struggling with their mental health. 

I know how hard it can be to create a psychologically safe environment for our colleagues to thrive, but with my skills, Mental Health Awareness sessions, Mental Health First Aid courses and more, we can accomplish this.

My mission is to work towards helping every business and community build a network of people who are trained in Mental Health First Aid or Mental Health Awareness and allow them to support their colleagues, friends, famalies and communities.

I am a father and want to rid our society of the stigma around mental health so my son and his generation can discuss this subject without fear of ridicule or prejudice, therefore accessing the supports they might need. 

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