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What do I talk about?

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One of the most valuable things a person has is experience. People will go through life events, up and downs and maybe make mistakes along the way. Often they can learn from these and adapt their life around them to become better versions of themselves. I have lived and breathed this exact experience. I now talk about these experiences to enable others to have the confidence to talk about their own situations, to understand that there is always hope and to help others avoid the mistakes that I made. 

From Prison Officer to Prison, from bi-polar to suicide attempts and from denial to diagnosis, the journey I have taken has been a rollercoaster for myself, my family and friends. 

I candidly talk about the effect of mental ill-health and the direct influence stigma can have on decision making and dealing with a diagnosis.

If you are looking for a guest speaker who talks openly and honestly about their experience with mental health and is happy to field any questions, then please use the contact form link below.

Why book

a speaker ?

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A good speaker will inspire audiences to value their strengths and encourage a positive mentality.


Booking me can be a powerful tool for business owners wishing to motivate their workforce or hoping to leave a lasting impression on attendees.  I will talk about the symptoms and problems that mental illness brings, but also tap into the benefits of acknowledging areas of improvement in a workplace environment.


I will capture your audience’s emotion and supply a hard-hitting case for positive change, making for a transformative event.


Your audience will leave reflecting on the idea of hope and recovery and inspire a more positive perspective.

Other benefits include:

  • Strengthen the purpose of your event.

  • Significant uplift in employee engagement.

  • Improved organisational climate and environment​.

  • A greater willingness for employees to contribute and talk about Mental Health and Wellbeing.

If this is something you'd like for your event, then use the form below to book today.

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