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Mental Health
First Aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a training course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue.


Bespoke Wellbeing Sessions

I can offer bespoke sessions and team-building focused on mental health and wellbeing. Contact us to discuss your individual needs.


Inspirational Speaker

"Living proof you can come back from the brink and use life experience to educate and support..." 


Podcasts & Blogs

Conversations with a variety of inspirational guests and written blogs, created to support and educate on a wide range of subjects.

My Approach

Like physical health, we all have mental health and we need to take care of it. Given how much of our lives are spent at work, it’s really important employers and employees take an active role in helping their colleagues stay well by not only spotting the signs of deteriorating wellbeing but also creating a psychologically safe space to hold conversations around mental health.


Over the years as someone who has lived through poor mental health and someone who knows what is required to maintain good mental health, I have used my personal and professional experiences to help others understand the importance of their wellbeing.

About me

As a Wellbeing Coach and

'Mental Health First Aid instructor'

my main motivation is providing support and guidance to individuals,  employers and their employees around managing mental health at work and beyond. This is a result of my  personal experience with

Bi-Polar and mental ill-health.

The Wellbeing Geek

Bespoke Support

Use our Bespoke Wellbeing Sessions to help identify the areas where you and your colleagues need the support most.


By doing so you can fully understand the challenges you are facing and adapt your health and wellness programs to better support.

Below are common topics individuals and companies request support with











Imposter Syndrome

I cannot emphasise enough how much of an amazing course this has been and one of the best things I have done... The presenters, Jamie and Felicity were excellent, knowledgeable in all things we discussed and fantastic presenters and people!

MHFA Cohort Delegate Feb 2022

Wellbeing Geek-9.png